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Howdy, I’m Paul

I’m a 16 web developer. I love making sites and web apps of any scale. I've been building websites and other things since 2017.

My skills

My regular tech stack nowadays is React, Next.js Node.js and TypeScript (and sometimes Go). I have a basic knowledge of Linux (I use Manjaro for home distro and Ubuntu for VPS). I use Figma for designing websites and logos.

Websites is a special wiki for collecting and structurizing information about russian opposition, including categories, periods of time, political wings and location. I work as Frontend Developer here.

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Komfy is an ad-free social network without tracking, focused on users rather than businesses. The main goals are simplicity, usability and privacy. It is developed by a small group of hobby developers where I am Project Manager and Frontend Developer. I am the author of the idea.

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Doctor personal site. The whole website is made from scratch, both design and code.

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Tech design

Site for design classes where I had been going to for 4 years since I was 10. There I learnt the basics of vector and bitmap graphics, animations and video editing. I made this site for free as a gift to the studio.

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SoloLearn Playground v2.0

Concept of the new code playground for SoloLearn. In comparison of the current one mine is fast, has auto-suggestions and is less buggy.

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open source

tinyhttp 170

tinyhttp is a modern Express-like web framework for Node.js. It uses a bare minimum amount of dependencies trying to avoid legacy. The framework is written in TypeScript so it has typings out of the box. Every module has both ESM and CJS format so you can use it with native ESM. In comparison to Express, it supports async middleware.

go-web-app 142

Simple CLI for setting up Go WebAssembly frontend app.

  • Dev Server
  • TinyGo for small WebAssembly output
  • Git setup
  • README file
  • Glue files (index.html + wasm_exec.js)
  • Auto-reload

Virtual DOM 14

Simple JavaScript Virtual DOM. Compatible with htm. I wrote the article of making your own Virtual DOM library.

react-postprocessing 116

This is a postprocessing wrapper for react-three-fiber.

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All my accounts I have ever created

I am online most of the time on Telegram, Twitter and Reddit so if you need to PM me better write there.

All my code is on GitHub. I don' make any codepens / glitch repos but may do in the future so I will leave them here.

For payment I use Yandex Money, Qiwi and Paypal.