Howdy, I am v1rtl

I'm a 16 y.o. nullstack web developer. tired of coding. destroying the web since 2017.

working on rn

these are my projects that i need to complete.

  • - some russian politics wiki
  • urdb - some cool CMS for storing social network content

my own projects

I am the creator of tinyhttp, a super duper cool Express-like web framework written in TypeScript without any legacy junk. 1.0 release is near.

A year before or so, I wrote an ultra tiny body parser for Node.js, called milliparsec. Recently rewrote it and added some style to it. it supports Express, built-in http module, tinyhttp (obv) and even Koa.

projects with multiple authors

I co-created a few other projects, such as react-postprocessing (helped w/ effects, working refs for EffectComposer, docs) and react-three-flex (helped w/ types, property aliases)

websites i built

they all suck so much that i don't think that showing them is a good idea.


All my accounts I have ever created

I am online most of the time on Telegram, Twitter and Reddit so if you need to PM me better write there.

All my code is on GitHub. I don' make any codepens / glitch repos but may do in the future so I will leave them here.

For payment I use Yandex Money, Qiwi and Paypal.