My new website!

My new website!



After weeks of hard work I finally finished my new personal site. I spent nearly 3 weeks on it because in the beginning I couldn't come up with something unique and not overcomplicated. I had 3 different versions of the website but decided to stop on the current one, because it is simple, looks unusual and I like it myself.


My old site didn't have Safari support because of webp, which I used actively.

There were no fallbacks, so the site didn't work in Safari completely. You would just see either broken images or this message:


Sorry, but Safari (and any other WebKit browser) isn't supported on my site. That's because I use webp which doesn't work in WebKit. While waiting for webp to be supported, try opening from Chrome / Firefox / Brave / etc.

At the moment the new website is fully supported on Safari so you won't see such screen anymore.

If you're curious how it looked like, here is the screenshot:

my old site

First, I thought that it isn't worth it to make a new site, I can just simply set the fallbacks up. But the problem was that the look of the website was too wrong. Random images combined with app UI and inappropriate fonts made it look like a mess. I think the problem was that I didn't make the mockup beforehand, but in this time I avoided my mistake. I was scratching ideas in Figma, until I got what I wanted.

piece of my mockup

The final result differs from the mockup a bit but the idea remains the same. Pure black background, glitchy effects, unusual layouts and so on. I didn't want to make it fully static but at the same time it should've been simple to navigate.

Plans for the future

From now on I'll be using this site as a place to write tutorials, tips and anything else I want to write.

I have installed MDX for the blog. Now every page can include React components, like here:

With such components I'll be able to set up demos and complex examples without having to embed CodeSandbox or a screenshot.

I will transfer all my articles from DEV and translate some from my Telegram channel so keep an eye on my blog :)